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Kaoritsuru Junmai Daiginjo かほり鶴 純米大吟醸


Our Daiginjo is crafted only during the coldest winter months to ensure the highest quality.Our Daiginjo uses eco-friendly Yamadanishiki sake rice because a crane comes flying in this rice field.






Kaori Junmai Ginjo かほり 純米吟醸


Simply yet very vivid fruity aroma of apples,pears,musk melons and orange blossoms.Hint of very subtle aroma of herbs.Light and Refreshing taste with Less grain aroma.Develpped 30 years ago,is Yamagata's flagship product.It is one of the most refreshing and livery sake.Bitterness at the end create dry finish.







Shoin Junmai Ginjo 松陰 純米吟醸


Shoin was a samurai that led the forefront of education. This sake convey the image of this leader with aromas that follow up with a light but graceful rich taste.Fregrant refreshing medium type.It is mainly composed of rich aromas of violets,lilacs and apples.

Please enjoy this sake chilled.




Mouriko Daiginjo 毛利公 大吟醸

With elegant Aromas of Muscut Grapes with a light Crisp finish,leaving an elegant impression of a flowery sweetness and sharp acidic taste. This sake image will stay in your mind and heart.Please enjoy this sake chilled.





Kaori Ume-shu かほり梅酒

Vivid aroma of plums with fruity aroma like roses and apricots,as well as round aroma like almond creates very thick texture to it.Sweetness like high quality honey and clean sourness of plums are well smooth.Long finish.Locally grown organic plums are used.












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Kaori Mikan Sake かほりみかん酒

Kaori Mikan Sake maximizes the feature of the fruit really well.We crafted this unique fruit liquor blending locally produced Unshu mikan and the brewery's junmai sake.To produce as fresh flavor as possible,Unshu mikan juice  is preserved without freezing before blending it in sake.So,the true Unshu mikan flavor can be the best enjoyed.  Kaori Mikan Sake is recommended as an aperitif or a dessert drink.